Should you monetize your spiritual awakening?

Jul 27, 2022

Originally posted on Instagram, this audio explores two notions: monetizing your spiritual awakening and creating a business that feels like an extension of you. It asks questions like, "are these two notions helpful?" and "is there any way for us to know if that's a good move for us?".

This audio also introduces a service called "Spiritual Intersection Discovery Call" where Alexandria uses your natal chart to find out if your spiritual life and vocation are intersecting. However, this service is no longer being offered.

Instead, you can use the pointers in this audio to attempt to discover with your spiritual life should be connected to your business. Or, if you would like support with this, message Alexandria on Instagram.



[00:00:00] Hello. For this episode of You're Golden, I'm sharing the audio from an IG Live that I did recently. This IG Live was [00:01:00] about monetizing your spiritual awakening and if you should do that or not. Um, so I hope you enjoy it's about 18 minutes long.

[00:01:10] But I do want to give you a disclaimer. In this audio, you will hear me talking about a new service called the "Spiritual Intersection Discovery Call" and I am no longer offering that, but I still wanted to share this audio in its totality because it does give you some information on how you can look at your own chart.

[00:01:35] For understanding if your spiritual life and your business life do intersect. So for any astrology buffs listening to this, you could potentially be able to just use the, uh, suggestions I give in this audio to look at your own chart. Now, if you do want some support in [00:02:00] determining if your business life and your spiritual life

[00:02:03] do, in fact intersect, just reach out to me. You can either email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @alexandria.rollet and let's chat about it. Let's see what's going on in your chart. See what you're going through business wise, spiritual wise. And let's determine if that's something that needs to intersect for you or not.

[00:02:32] So, anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a good one. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How's everyone doing? Monday messages coming to you. I know that I don't do them every Monday. Have lots of thoughts about that actually, but not for today. There's other [00:03:00] things that I wanna talk about today. Um. Yeah, so, uh, whatever, let's just dive into it. I'm in my backyard, it's a beautiful morning.

[00:03:11] It's like 67 degrees or something like that. It feels so good. So cozy. Um, so what I wanna talk about today is the connection between being spiritual and having a business, and then how sometimes we want to, um, bridge that gap and maybe have a spiritual business. And I just wanna pose the question. Do you need to be doing that?

[00:03:42] Do you need to have a spiritual business? Um, so I'm gonna, like, I've got some notes up here, so I might be looking off camera a bit, but, um, So the, the question is more, so should you have a spiritual business or should your [00:04:00] spirituality be involved in your business or is spirituality just totally separate and maybe it, it informs your, um, your values or your beliefs, and then maybe how you go about business, but is it.

[00:04:17] Is it in your business, um, structure or your business values even. Um, and this is all coming up because, sorry, my dog is being cute. Um, this is all coming up because I saw a tweet. I really wish I could find that tweet and share it. Um, I saw a tweet a while back and I don't even know, I don't remember the exact words, but it was something to the, the effect of.

[00:04:44] Millennials are out here trying to monetize their spiritual awakenings. And that really woke me up because when I started my business in 2018, I [00:05:00] started it as, um, offering astrology readings. So yes, that, that is a spiritual-esque business to have right. To, to offer an Astro, an astrology service, which is a spiritual service.

[00:05:16] Um, and then, you know, I, what I would characterize, what I've been going through over the past year is a spiritual awakening, which is honestly kind of. Blowing my mind, but that's a whole other conversation. Um, and through this awakening, through this darkness, through this, um, you know, oh, what, what do they call it?

[00:05:48] Dark night of the soul that I'm having. It is having a large effect on my business because I don't feel equipped to, [00:06:00] well, in the past, I, I haven't had the feelings like I'm equipped to. Offer services. I'm getting confused about what to offer and then every single thing that I'm going through with this awakening, I'm like, oh, that's something I can teach on.

[00:06:16] Or, oh, that's something that I can offer or, um, you know, I'm just trying to think of like, all right, here's everything I'm experiencing. How do I put that into a business model? And I'm like, oh, I'm doing. the typical millennial thing of trying to monetize literally everything in your life. And I just wonder, is that helpful?

[00:06:43] No, I'm pretty sure we've come to, um, to the understanding that no, that is not helpful. You need to be doing things that have nothing to do with the money that you make. And, and I'm seeing that to be very [00:07:00] obvious. Hello, I'm seeing that to be very obvious. Seems like anytime that I'm going through some kind of personal thing, it impacts my business.

[00:07:09] It makes me not that it makes me unavailable, but I let it make me be unavailable. Um, so, and I know you're just tuning in, so we're just talking about, you know, if you're going through some spiritual things or you are opening up to your spiritual self and you already have a business, do you need to switch to being a spiritual.

[00:07:33] Owner. That's the question. And just a spoiler alert. I've come to the, um, conclusion that no, you don't need to, and you can see that in things like astrology, in things like human design, looking at your chart, looking at the things in your chart that indicate things such as vocation career, et cetera. And then looking at the things that, [00:08:00] um, That show about.

[00:08:03] Purpose that show about your, um, your spiritual self, your spiritual life, looking at those different places in your chart. Do they connect with each other if they connect with each other, then perhaps the answer is yes, your spiritual life and your spiritual self does connect with your career. Maybe even that means that you are here to have a spiritual business, maybe.

[00:08:34] Um, but. I just, I just it's, it's so frustrating. And, and I I'm doing this, like I'm seeing how it's so destructive is that you're you go through something personal specifically, like a spiritual awakening and then you think, oh, everything I'm learning in that. That needs to be my business, not [00:09:00] necessarily.

[00:09:01] Um, so let me refer back to my notes. Oh, something that I used to teach. Yeah. I did used to teach this, um, that I am actually. Thinking is not, not good. Is, is the notion that your business is you, your business is an extension of you. I want to just retract that. Like I, I wish I could take back everything that I've taught about that.

[00:09:36] Um, because that is detrimental because the, at least the way that you might go about it, the reframe that I have found. is that if you want to build a business, um, that feels very aligned with you. What you're really after is building a business that feels like you, but is not you. [00:10:00] And that is a difference between building a business.

[00:10:03] That is you. That is an extension of you. So it feels like you, but it is not you. Um, because what we can end up doing is if we're trying to build a business that is. then whatever we are going through. In our life, either consciously or subconsciously. You're trying to put that into a business context, which doesn't allow you to actually do all the personal processing that you actually need to go through or the emotional processing that you need to go through because you're already trying again.

[00:10:35] Okay. Hopefully we're back because you're already trying to think of like, how do I monetize this? How do I, um, you know, how do I capitalize on this? And. I mean, you definitely might be thinking about this more from a place of service. Like let's, let's give you some space with that. It might not be coming from a really, um, corrupt place, [00:11:00] but pause and ask yourself, am I actually going through the process that I need to go through on a personal level?

[00:11:08] Before I can put this out there. Um, and then the other thing that it can do to you, like I was saying before, is that you, because of whatever you're going through, you might not even be equipped to run your business. because things start feeling like out of it that it's out of integrity or you start to get confused, like, oh, what is this?

[00:11:38] Even something that I'm supposed to be doing? Um, so this can be so frustrating and detrimental to continuing on with whatever career you decided to build for yourself. Um, so I just wanna. Just clarify, you [00:12:00] can be spiritually guided in your life and even in your business, but it not be a main part of your business.

[00:12:08] So that just because you are a spiritual person, doesn't mean you have to run a spiritual business, you don't have to offer spiritual services. Um, you. Take the spiritual wisdom that you have learned, the spiritual values that you might have, and those might inform what you do in your business, but you don't necessarily have to have the spiritual business.

[00:12:29] Um, so for example, I feel like this happens quite often with the type of, um, tools that I tend to use where, you know, maybe I've I started out with astrology. As a service because I found astrology to be super helpful for me. And not that that is a bad way to go or that you shouldn't do that, or that's not what your business should be based [00:13:00] off of.

[00:13:00] Definitely not saying that. But what I am saying is maybe pause and ask yourself just because you found this tool to be helpful. Does that mean that you should be teaching the tool or sharing the. You might not, it might just be something for you, something just for you for yourself. You might not need to turn that around and offer it.

[00:13:26] Um, let's see what else here. Okay. Okay. I think that's mostly, mostly it. So all of these things that I'm talking about, um, I see how it can be so frustrating and detrimental and, and quite honestly, like we want clarity. you know, as a business owner, if you're, if you're finding success in your business and you're doing some awesome thing, and then you have this [00:14:00] spiritual awakening and you're like, oh crap, I have to do a total, 180.

[00:14:03] I need to start offering these spiritual services, blah, blah, blah. Do you actually have to, and are there things. That we can look to, to give you that answer and that clarity. Yes. So this is why I'm offering the, what I'm calling spiritual intersection discovery call. So it's looking at the intersection of your spiritual self with the rest of your life.

[00:14:28] Where does it intersect? Um, so if this is. Something that you want to book, but you do want to kind of learn about a little bit. I'm gonna just share with you what we'll look at so that you can either do it for yourself, or you can schedule that call with me and see if that's something that, um, would be helpful for you.

[00:14:50] So what will look at is first and foremost, your ninth, sorry, your ninth house. because that is the [00:15:00] house of spirituality. That's the house of, um, there's so many things that involve that are in the ninth house. That's kind of ridiculous, but, um, you can kind of think of the ninth house as like your quest for your spiritual self to find your spiritual self.

[00:15:16] Um, so we'll look at the. We'll also look at Jupiter because that is very closely aligned with your spirituality and your higher beliefs. Um, we'll also even look at Neptune a little bit. Um, it's not, in my opinion, it doesn't come into major play, but it certainly does have some things to say about spirituality, for sure.

[00:15:45] so we'll look at those three things to kind of get more of a sense of your spirituality, your spiritual self. And then we'll start looking at the more career vocation type of things, such as your Midheaven [00:16:00] does your Midheaven fall into the ninth house. That might be a good indication that you are. If you are here to run a business, then maybe it might be a spiritual business.

[00:16:10] Um, what is the ruler of your mid. Then we'll look at your north node, south node, and kind of get more of a understanding of your purpose. Does that purpose have anything to do with your career? Does it have anything to do with your spiritual self and then are any of these things aspected with each other?

[00:16:31] If they are then they're connected. um, if they are connected through rulership, um, if they're, let's see what else. That's kind of the main two things. Are they connected via aspects or are they connected via rulership? There could even be some, some kind of transit going on that would deem that right now is the time for those things [00:17:00] to be aligned.

[00:17:01] Um, but later they might not be. so those are all the things that we'll look at in the spiritual intersection discovery call and get an understanding. Okay. You might be going through some spiritual processing, um, some personal growth per personal transformation. Does that need to be involved in your business?

[00:17:25] And if so, how much? And then we'll figure out together how to. are you going to proceed in the sense of, okay, this definitely is aligned. These things need to come together in a clear way. How do we make that happen? Or is it that actually, no, they don't really have anything to do with each other, but I do want my business to.

[00:17:54] Feel like it's not in conflict with my beliefs. How do we [00:18:00] proceed with that? Or is it okay? They're not necessarily the they're, they don't necessarily need to be overlapped in the sense of, I offer spiritual things. However, I might have some spiritual teachings that support the service that I provide. Um, so then how do we proceed that.

[00:18:24] Those are all the things that I want to help you with in this discovery call. So, okay. I think that about, does it, um, I would love to hear your experience with this. Like, have you gone through these questions and these wonderings and maybe even this confusion of all right. I have this business, that's doing something.

[00:18:47] Such as, I don't know, maybe I'm a graphic designer and now I'm having this spiritual awakening and I'm like, oh, that needs to be involved in my business. Um, [00:19:00] you know, or maybe I just need to do a 180 shift and start offering the, these spiritual tools, et cetera, are like, have you gone through that? Or are you going through that?

[00:19:17] or, you know, if you have gone through it, what did it show you? Um, like I was saying earlier for me, it has shown me that yes, there, you know, based off of my chart, there are some components of bringing spirituality into my business, but my business is not, not necessarily. necessarily. So, um, you know, when I try to run my business that way it doesn't work.

[00:19:49] just point like. It doesn't work. Um, so that's something that I've learned major lesson from this experience of going through [00:20:00] an awakening and trying to monetize head awakening. Why, um, so what has your experience been? I don't know if these questions are incredibly clear, but hopefully you get the gist and, um, you kind of feel into.

[00:20:18] you know, what is it, what, what has been your experience? What are you, um, confused about at this moment? What is it that you really want? And can we find the solid intersection between those things? All right. I think that's. I hope you're having a great Monday so far and that your week is off to a great start.

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