I'm 30! New decade, new podcast, new me?

Jul 13, 2022

In this episode, Alexandria comes to you with yet another introduction. But this time, instead of putting herself in a box, she takes off a few masks and shares the general direction she's headed. And of course, she shares how you can come along with her if you're ready. This is a great listen if you're interested in who Alexandria is, what she's struggled with both in life and business, and/or how you can work with her moving forward.

Topics Include:
  • Business pivots and why Alexandria has initiated them in the past
  • Trying to answer the question, "what's the broad legacy I want to leave?"
  • Introducing the concept of the Middle Way
  • What services you can expect from Alexandria moving forward and why you might be interested in them
  • The conflicts the entrepreneurs and leaders face that Alexandria is equipped to help with
Current Offerings:
PDF Tapping In: The Truth About Intuition: https://alexandria-rollet.mykajabi.com/offers/VomtrgtQ
Where to find Alexandria:

 EMAIL: [email protected]







[00:00:48] Hello and welcome to "You're Golden". Oh, it's so good to be back. I'm actually really shocked that a few [00:01:00] people have. Asked me. If I was going to podcast again, or they've made comments about how they've listened to some episodes. And. I just have to say I was shocked every time. And so I started thinking about, okay, do I want to podcast again? And so here we are. Ultimately I am deciding on, yes, this is.

[00:01:26] This is the medium that I want to be in.

[00:01:28] So if you were one of the people that made some comments to me about podcasting, and if I wanted to get back into it, I just want to say, thank you. Thank you so much. Okay. So let's really dive into this episode. Because we've got a lot to talk about. And it, this is a kind of a re-introduction of sorts.

[00:01:50] Which is not a new thing. If you've been around in my world for. You know, a while. So today is a reintroduction, and [00:02:00] I know that I have done. Re-introductions in the past and it usually happens around my birthday. So yes. Yet again, I think this is the second year in a row that I'm doing a re-introduction. Around my birthday and, you know, Maybe this will be a thing. Maybe this is what I'll do continually every birthday.

[00:02:23] However what I want to say today about this re-introduction is, you know, like I said, it's not new for me to do this. And every time I make a business pivot. It usually comes with some kind of announcement and an email saying, this is who I am now. This is what I do now. And so in a sense, this isn't different, what I'm about to do right now. It's not different.

[00:02:51] But then again, This is a totally new era. Every time I've pivoted before I felt like I was scratching my [00:03:00] nails on a chalkboard. Shifting made me feel shameful. Uh, Guilty self-serving and even timid. I was afraid of how it would be received. I was afraid you would think I was chaotic and untrustworthy, and I was afraid that I'd lose your interest or you judge me.

[00:03:20] And this time. I still have those feelings and those fears, but they feel a bit easier to push through because I'm not about to tell you about the new box that I'm going to try to. Force myself to stay in. Which is why this is a whole new era. It's an era in which I'm realizing who I actually am. I'm going to play into that.

[00:03:46] And leave lots of space for me to continue to grow. Because that's a part of who I am. So at this moment, I'm choosing to identify myself as a [00:04:00] coach and or guide. I find them to be quite synonymous. So I'm not limiting myself from coach or guide. This feels accurate to me.

[00:04:11] Because it also leaves room for me to put other hats on if I need to. And these are hats like astrologer. Human design reader, educator, spiritualist creator writer, CEO, entrepreneur. Whatever I feel like wearing that day or whatever tool I want to use. In my coaching or. Whatever it is. That's a, that's a hat I can wear at any given time.

[00:04:43] And so this means that the main thing that I offer is, has been, and will continue to be. Coaching.

[00:04:50] I'll I'll fill you in on the details of that. In a moment. But. This is kind of a personal update [00:05:00] episode. We're totally going to talk about. Business things and. You know, what, what to expect from me coming, going forward. But I first want to give more of a personal update. Because it's the personal parts of my life that has.

[00:05:19] That has gotten me to this place in my business of having this shift.

[00:05:25] So before I get into all of the businessy things that maybe you want to hear a bit more, or maybe you are here for the personal updates, I'm not sure I would love your input. By the way I say that often. And I do mean it. What I'm about to tell you. Is about the masks that I'm finally taking off. Or even in some cases, some of the things that I'm really actually realizing about myself and finally admitting. And You know, don't want to hide anymore. And I'm also going [00:06:00] to provide some qualitative things about it as well, where I feel it necessary because.

[00:06:06] As I'm telling as I'm going to be telling you these things, I can't help, but feel. Like you might listen to this, that. You're going to hear this and think that I'm just trying to be trendy. And that I'm just trying to get on board with something.

[00:06:25] That is having a rise. And that's not the case. Now, what I want to say is have the trends been inspiring? Abso-fucking-lutely that is the actual point of these trends of these. Well, I'm sure. Not all the trends, but you'll see what I'm talking about. That is the point of having these conversations.

[00:06:47] Because we have awareness, we'll have inclusivity. So they're all important.


The Masks I'm Removing

  1. So the first thing is that I am bisexual. I've never really hidden that publicly, but [00:07:00] I also haven't made it a. Big thing. Which I feel is okay. However, I know that I present. [00:07:11] Heteronormative. [00:07:13] And there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with me being who I am. But. It feels like more needs to be. Shared. [00:07:27] Now this qualitative information that I want to provide to you, just to prove that I'm not jumping on that bisexual bandwagon. I've known this since eighth grade. My high school, sweetheart was a girl. But I cracked under parental pressure. And I stopped looking at girls and women in a romantic sense. [00:07:49] And I'm finally healing from that. [00:07:53] I'm very in touch with my masculine side. And I have to take a conscious effort to get [00:08:00] in touch with my feminine side. [00:08:02] And I am. In touch with my feminine side, but more on an unconscious level. It's it's that part that sometimes I don't realize that I'm in touch with. So I actually have to take the effort and I'm constantly working on expressing the healthiest versions of both of these energies.
  2. [00:08:23] The second thing. I have ADHD. And all of the signs were there throughout childhood, but it wasn't until I was failing classes in college, that ADHD was even a consideration. [00:08:35] I saw a therapist on campus in 2011. To get diagnosed, but whoever was licensed to do that, wasn't actually going to be at the school for another couple of months. And so the therapist that was there and able to see me said that, even though he couldn't formally diagnose me. Due to whatever his licensing was. It was highly likely that I have it, [00:09:00] but. [00:09:01] He couldn't actually give me the official diagnosis. He recommended. Biofeedback. I didn't understand what the heck that was or how it would help. So all of that piled up enough for me to lose injuries and a formal diagnosis. But honestly you can just look at my business progression. Be like, oh yeah. Duh. [00:09:26] This explains a lot. I still don't have a formal diagnosis. And the thought of all the work and the money it would take to get it. Plus the possibility that they'll just tell me that I'm not trying hard enough and it's all in my head. It was a little bit too much to handle, so I'm just going to move forward. [00:09:47] With knowing that maybe my. Brain works a little bit differently than what is typical? And just seek out [00:10:00] methods and, tools that can be helpful. Just just knowing that maybe I need to put in a little bit more effort to figure out how to. Be a bit more organized or things like that. Just that alone helps.
  3. [00:10:14] Okay, so number three. I am a walking contradiction. I have said this since middle school. And I wouldn't say that I've really have been hiding this in my adult life or hiding this, in my business, but I certainly haven't. Made it out to be my superpower, even though I'm finding out that it is I've gone back and forth on it being a good thing or a bad thing. [00:10:40] And ultimately it's, it's both a weakness and a strength. And I find that hilarious that oftentimes our biggest strengths are our greatest weaknesses and vice versa. So I'm am incredibly tired of trying to make myself be one thing, which is what being a business owner can make you feel like you [00:11:00] need to do. [00:11:01] But I finally discovered that this. Is a part of my magic and it serves as a basis for what I will be offering in my business, which we'll get to that at a later time.
  4. [00:11:13] Finally number four. I'm a real human being. [00:11:18] I wrote this as you know, it starts out. I don't dress up most of the time. That's true. It is true. And I'll go on to explain that, but at the end of the day, with this. This mask I'm taking off amounts to is I'm a human being that is not perfect. And. Usually does not look perfect. So part of the reason why working from home is so awesome is that I don't have to put a lot of thought into what I'm going to wear. And as much as I love to dress up and love to look good and things like that. [00:11:50] On a day-to-day basis. That just feels like a lot for me. But because I typically opt for a t-shirt and sweatpants, because that's what I'm most comfortable [00:12:00] in. And that's what I have a plethora of. I feel like I can't show up on social media as I am. So then. I will either spend hours trying to figure out what to wear and then do my makeup. [00:12:12] And then get online. Or I don't show up at all. Or. If I try to make a, like in the moment post, I won't put my face in it. Or, you know, whatever. And so the issue is that for me to get something out there, For me to really do things. There has to be very little resistance for me to get it accomplished. [00:12:40] And in this case, I'm in social media land. What little resistance means is there needs to be very few steps from idea to post. So. Basically, this means that it's time for me to show up as I am. Or else I won't get anything done. [00:13:00] And I don't know if this gives you some licensing or some permission to do the same.


What Removing These Masks DON'T Mean

[00:13:06] I hope it does. So those are the four masks that I really felt important to take off, or at least to shed a little bit of light on. And what I want to make clear here. Is that most of these things are not going to be direct parts of my business. For example, like I'm not going to become an ADHD coach.

[00:13:26] Or an LGBTQ plus educator. And truth be told. I used to think that if you were going to talk about something online, Then it had to become a part of your business model. That's not true. So this list is simply here to help paint a picture of who I am. And for you to know some of the things that influenced my perspective.

[00:13:54] , my experience. Maybe even some of the gifts that I have to bring to the table. And [00:14:00] hopefully these are things that help you identify with me, but if not, you know, that's okay too. It's it feels good to be able to share who you are with other people, even if that's not the same.

[00:14:12] And, and yeah, I kind of feel like some of these things. Shed light on maybe why. My business is going in the direction that it's going and why I've had some of the struggles that I've had in the past. Because I was just trying to make myself stay in one lane. And then it, anytime that I felt like I needed to move away from that lane, it was like,

[00:14:40] Oh, okay. Well, I'm a totally new, different person. I'm doing a whole new, different. Thing. I have a different offer that I need to be putting out there. So everything needs to shift and pivot. And. That's not true.


What I Do Now

[00:14:58] So. [00:15:00] Moving on to more of like the more businessy things. Like, what am I here for? What am I, what am I doing? What can you expect for me? And so what I want to start out with is just. Letting you know, like what is my Instagram bio right now? What does it describe about me? What I do. And it says currently,

[00:15:20] Helping you navigate the middle way. Reclaim your throne and increase, impact blending, spirit and practicality and your business. Hashtag human design. Hashtag astrology has hashtag intuition. And what I really want to hone in on right now is helping you navigate the middle way. This is what I'm here for.

[00:15:40] This is what I do every damn day in my own life. I live. In the middle. I see both sides. And because of that, I've really struggled with taking a stand in any direction. I used to make myself wrong for this. Or when other people around me seem to have strong [00:16:00] opinions and beliefs I've have typically felt bad that I don't.

[00:16:05] And just to be clear, this isn't to say that I don't have strong opinions or beliefs. Or that I don't take a stand.

[00:16:14] But what it does mean is that sometimes it takes me a long time to get to that point. And it also means that more often than not. I have a very strong opinion. That the middle is the right way that, that I find myself standing very firm. In a position that incorporates both sides.

[00:16:39] And because of this tendency to live in the middle space, I have found a very difficult to create content, to stick to a business model, to stick to one subject. I mean, I could probably list off a few more things. Because what, for example, creating content, what I often does for me is I'll think of.

[00:16:58] Something to share. [00:17:00] But then I will almost always immediately. The opposing argument will come. Through. And I'll think, oh, well, I can't talk about this because this other thing exists. The opposite exists. So I can't talk about that. So what if I, what would happen? Let's just think about this. What would happen if I flipped all of this around?

[00:17:25] What would happen if I would see my balance as a strength instead of a weakness. What if I stopped fighting myself, when my brain brings up the other side of the argument. What if I just posed these questions and presented these ponderings as content.

[00:17:45] That's what we're going to see. These are the questions that I'm experimenting with and. I've already started experimenting with that and it feels. So much better and it feels more true to [00:18:00] me and it feels actually deeper. And not necessarily a surface level thing.

[00:18:06] So yeah, we're going to continue on with this experiment and see what happens. And so as for my services, ultimately, Anything that I offer. Is to help you battle your own dichotomies. So much of life is existing in the middle between what you think you should be doing or being versus what you want to do or be.

[00:18:31] Much of our conversations today are about one side versus the other side. And oftentimes we might feel that if we do one thing, that means we can't do another thing or we can't do the opposite thing. But there's actually a lot of space in between those ends. And we just have to flip it all inside out to see what our middle way is.


How I Plan to Do It

[00:18:55] All right. So how will I be doing this? How will I help people? [00:19:00] I suspect that the, how I help you navigate your middle way will shift over time. You'll notice it's shifting when I start introducing new topics and then a new offering will probably be right around the corner. But ultimately, everything that I want to do is to help you navigate.

[00:19:21] That whatever dichotomy you are faced with. So currently, and I really, really hope that I don't shift away from this because at this time I truly believe that everything starts here. But currently. I'm committed to helping you connect with your intuition. I'm committed to helping you with decision-making.

[00:19:46] I'm committed to helping you understand and trust your inner authority. And by inner authority here, what I'm talking about is authority from human design. And in fact, I am on a quest to [00:20:00] become the authority on authorities. That title kind of dropped in my awareness. I would say a couple of months ago and I was like, oh, well, that's exciting. That's super exciting.

[00:20:13] And then I had a feeling of like, oh man, I have to hurry up. I have to hurry up and become that authority on authorities. I was like, well, That's not a great energy to approach this with. So I kind of paused and just let it sit there. And, and I. Keep thinking and visioning and all of this about like, what am I here for? What am I doing in my business, et cetera, et cetera. And.

[00:20:38] A lot of times it comes back to that being the authority on authorities. So let's get more specific. How exactly am I trying to help you with, decision-making with intuition. So this is specifically done with an ebook. Tapping in the truth about [00:21:00] intuition. Masterclass that I'm still working on completing, which is the tapping and masterclass.

[00:21:07] And then I have a whole coaching offering suite. So let's talk about that. Sweet.

[00:21:14] The coaching suite begins with a 60 minute session on activating your inner authority. You can kind of think of this as a personal masterclass and workshop on your own decision-making mechanics. It goes beyond you have emotional authority. And here's what that means. This session is really for the person who already knows what their authority is and what it means generically.

[00:21:40] But struggles with connecting with it and trusting it.

[00:21:44] Now. I want to be fully transparent here. I am still questing to become the authority on authorities. Which means I'm studying them a lot more in depth. But this also means that I, I am confident in guiding all [00:22:00] authorities, but I am. Particularly gifted. At helping the splenic, emotional and sacral authorities.

[00:22:08] Now. If you have one of the more uncommon authorities. I am incredibly eager to explore your authority with you. 'cause that's how I learn more too, is by helping other people. This is the nature of the projector. Projectors. We'll learn more just by guiding other people through something. So that is what I would love to be able to do. So if you have something that's more uncommon.

[00:22:34] I would love. To have this authority activation session with you. Now. If you were looking for more support beyond the activation. So we went through that session. And you're like, okay, this is great. I have the information I need. I'm kind of feeling, I'm feeling more activated. This feels a bit better. This makes more sense.

[00:22:57] But now I need a little bit more [00:23:00] help. I feel like I need a little bit more handholding. We can move into the next step, which is a 90 minute session and two weeks of Voxer support. If you're not familiar with Voxer. Voxer is a messaging app that allows us to not share phone numbers, but it's kind of like a walkie-talkie situation. So we can either text through that app or we can talk.

[00:23:24] Via voice. So, this is where we will work on your authority. And how it fits into the whole. And by whole, what I'm really referring to is the, some of the biggest pieces of your life. This is where we will be reconnecting you with your values. Your purpose, your legacy. And you're also getting real-time support so that you can really see that authority and action and begin to see the ripple effects. It has.

[00:23:57] It's best. If we talk [00:24:00] through things, you know, more on a real-time basis. Because I get to. To walk you through some of the things that you might be feeling. That you might be experiencing. And how does that relate to your decision-making and how do you, you know, maybe trust this feeling, or is this a feeling that you shouldn't be dressing et cetera, et cetera. So.

[00:24:20] That's where we get to go a little. Little bit deeper into the lived experience. Of your authority and how that relates to the rest of your life. Now, finally, if you are in need of continued support to really embody what arose in those previous steps. We can work together for eight weeks where you'll have four sessions.

[00:24:44] And of course Voxer support. This is where we will take everything we've learned and uncovered about you. And begin to bring it all to life. We build upon the work we've already done [00:25:00] together and continue to make your vision. Tangible. We work with your organic reality to make progress. Rather than trying to take time out of your life or out of your business.


Who I Will Be Working With

[00:25:13] In order to heal or evolve or whatever, we're calling it these days. Now we're going to actually work within your, within your reality to make this progress. Now who is this for? Hoo hoo. Who's going to benefit from this I am particularly interested.

[00:25:36] And helping the people who struggle with the dichotomy of intuition versus logic.

[00:25:42] They're typically more comfortable in the logical zone, but are opening up to the intuitive. Guidance that they might have, or they feel within themselves or opening up. The possibility of being guided by their higher self, et cetera. They might feel more [00:26:00] aligned with masculine energy, but they are very curious about how to incorporate feminine energy.

[00:26:07] They are also entrepreneurs and leaders. And they're desiring help because they feel conflicted. Now conflicted with what you might ask. And honestly, it it's a, it's a long list, but here's a few things that they might feel conflicted with:

  1. Business growth versus personal growth.
  2. [00:26:30] Personal fulfillment versus career success.
  3. Pleasing everyone versus pleasing no one
  4. [00:26:39] One of my favorites being praised for your outstanding service versus no praise because it's now the expectation.
  5. [00:26:51] Strategy versus intuitive nudges.
  6. Wanting a deeper spiritual connection versus not wanting to get lost in the void. 
  7. [00:27:01] Getting your needs met versus focusing on others needs.
  8. Taking on more responsibility versus knowing when you're not the one for the job.
  9. [00:27:11] Looking like it may come easy to you versus the actual struggle you face under the surface.
  10. [00:27:19] Being a great leader versus craving the chance to follow.

[00:27:24] So these are all things that the type of people that. I feel like I can help the most. Might be struggling with.


If You Resonate With Any of This

00:27:32] So, if you feel any resonance with any of this. I would love to talk to you. I would love to hear what you are, what you're struggling with, what you're feeling conflicted by. And. Let you know that there is, there is a middle way here. And as much as I might be able to see that middle way, my job is not to tell you what it is.

[00:27:55] My job is to reconnect you with [00:28:00] your own inner wisdom, your own authority, your own values, your own purpose, your own. Legacy that you want to build. Let's reconnect you with that. So that you can find your middle way on your own.

[00:28:14] Because this is not about you needing to depend on me. Absolutely not. If a coach is doing their job, they are not here to be depended on.

[00:28:25] I hope that at the end of the day, this gives you more of a sense of who I am. And if you resonate with that,

[00:28:33] And.


Finding Something Broad, Yet Specific

[00:28:34] What I was really after finding was is, is a direction that was broad enough. For me to be able to shift and change and grow. But specific enough. For you to know. How I'm here to help. And I really think that I got to that point. But, you know, this is one of the things about business is that you're going to shift and you're going to change.

[00:28:59] And, [00:29:00] but a lot of that is more about refinement and fine tuning as you go. And it really feels like. You know, helping you navigate the middle way.

[00:29:10] Is potentially.

[00:29:12] The thing that I get to be able to refine. As I go.

[00:29:17] And maybe even as time goes. You know, drilling down, drilling down more into something that's more specific or, or more more pointed perhaps, maybe that will happen. I don't know. So this reintroduction, what I don't want it to be is. You know, just telling you about this new box that I want to be in.

[00:29:40] Until I don't. And more of This is the expansion. And then I'm feeling that I would love to take you with me. And to just show you.

[00:29:51] How you already have all the tools. You already have all the things that you need. You're already. Perfect. As you are. [00:30:00] How do you see that let's get you to a place where you can see that so that you can trust yourself so that you can think of yourself as this awesome person. So that, you know how to move forward.

[00:30:12] To create the life that you want based off of the vision that you have.

[00:30:18] All right. I think that does it. Great. Re-introduction I'm 30 now. Well, July 16th. Is the official birth date. I'm not sure what I'm going to release this, but if you are listening to this then I am 30.

[00:30:32] So happy birthday to me. And hopefully this was. Helpful and informative to you.

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