You have all of the tools already inside of you and you don't need me. But if you'd like, I'd love to help save you time, money, and doubt.

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I grew up wanting to be intuitive but found temporary comfort in my logical mind. Fearing losing myself to the void, I resisted trusting my Splenic Authority until my Saturn Return came around and f*cked sh*t up!


Growing up was filled with Harry Potter books, fantasy movies, and witch costumes. I loved the magical world and desperately wanted to be "the chosen one" who had psychic gifts. 

By the time I had gotten to college, I had mostly sworn all of that off (except Astrology, cuz how could I?). I had made a name for myself athletically and I found comfort and success in the business program. My future was bright and my future was the corporate world.

When this no longer brought me happiness or fulfillment (which was pretty soon - age 24, in fact) I began exploring the magical world again. Long story short, I've been on a rollercoaster of finding some sense of a symbiotic relationship with my logical side and my intuitive side. The more twists and turns I endure, the more in-sync these sides become.



Short answer: I love it and am good at it.

Long answer: I love solving problems, especially the ones that seem like both options could be the "right" option. So much of life is spent debating on one thing versus the opposite thing. But both things are valid in their own right. And if they're both valid, how do you choose just one? 

This is why it's so important to have trust in your Inner Authority (or intuition). When all options can potentially be "right", we need to be able to determine what's actually right for us. And yeah, there's strategy, logic, and pros/cons lists - but without trusting yourself, those tools are crutches. Your intuition will direct you to the right tool for the problem. 

To be intuitive is not to swear off logic. It's finding the way they fit together for you.


Courage. Inquiry. Spirit.

Being yourself & trusting a feeling you can't see...both take courage to act upon knowing full well you will be misunderstood by most.

Without inquiry, you run the risk of stagnant thinking, being riddled with doubt, living in a false sense of reality, and you close yourself off from possibility. Just because you're logical, doesn't mean you can't be intuitive, and vice versa.

Life is so boring without the unknown. Strive to be spirited in your expression and enamored with the spiritual guidance your Higher Self offers continually.

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